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Visionary Artists Agency stands as a prominent non-scripted television talent agency with a strong dedication to fostering business opportunities, forging new relationships, and providing career growth for the creative clients under our representation.

At Visionary


What We Do

Our team of agents expertly package shows and arrange pitch meetings for our clients, ensuring widespread exposure across cable, streaming, and broadcast network platforms. We are highly proactive in negotiating our clients’ deals and provide dedicated support for their staffing requirements once their shows have been sold.

Visionary Artists is a leading staffing agency dedicated to finding work for our freelance clients with production companies, broadcast networks, cable outlets and streamers.  We champion diversity and advocate for the voices of marginalized creators.

Who We Represent

Visionary Artists clients have a passion for crafting captivating and authentic real-life stories and unscripted television shows.

Production Companies

For non-scripted production companies of all sizes.


For non-scripted executive producers, co-executive producers, supervising producers.


For non-scripted television directors.
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